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Free Family Entertainment in Las Vegas

The Famous Las Vegas Sign

You might be thinking that nothing in Las Vegas is for free; there is always a catch. Well, sometimes there is a catch, but times are hard, even in Vegas, and there are a host of freebie shows and other entertainment on offer as the hotels and casinos fight for your business. And, whilst free often translates to cheap and shoddy, this isn’t so here. There are free shows in Vegas that wouldn’t be out of place on Broadway. Let’s take a look at some of them so that you can see what I mean. Oh, and by the way, the ones I’ve chosen are suitable for all the family so no one in your party need be left at home.

Caesar’s Palace and the Fall of Atlantis

The Emperors of ancient Rome would have made a beeline to this hotel had it existed in their day. Looking like a rebuilt Pompeii, the fantastic setting of this world-famous hotel will get you in the right mood for its Fall of Atlantis show. The show, which takes place in the hotel’s forum shopping mall, will have a familiar ring for most fathers. The King of Atlantis has to referee a slanging match between his son and daughter, this time the argument is over who should be chosen to rule Atlantis. Before the king can decide the local gods step in and save him the trouble by destroying the city of Atlantis.

All of this is accompanied by some splendid special effects using light, sound and the creative use of fountains. There are also some (slightly) scary monsters who put in an appearance to help hasten the demise of the city. The show is a delight for children and adults alike – the only pity is that it doesn’t last longer.
However, once the show is over you can browse round the 50,000 square foot aquarium, around which most of the show’s action takes place. Here there is a chance to get up close to stingrays, puffer fish and a myriad of other exotic sea creatures. Make sure your camera battery is fully charged. If you time it right you will be able to observe the divers who enter the aquarium twice a day to feed the fish.

The Fremont Street Experience

Unlike most of the attractions in Las Vegas, the Fremont Street Experience is not located on the Strip but is further north in Downtown Las Vegas. This location gives the show a more authentic feel, a taste of the real Las Vegas.

What Is It?

Imagine a Rio carnival atmosphere, a truly stunning son et lumière display, crowds of people enjoying the live entertainment and you’re somewhere close.

The centerpiece of the experience is the huge overhead canopy on which the light show is displayed. This technological marvel has millions of LED light modules choreographed to music from top artists such as KISS and Bon Jovi.

If you have the nerve you can even be part of the display by taking a ride on the “zip-line”. For those who don’t know, a zip-line is a climbing harness attached to pulleys suspended above the ground. Once you are strapped in you launch yourself off a platform and then take a Tarzan-like flight, in this case just below the canopy. I’ve mentioned the zip-line in this article because of its fun and unique experience but please be aware that the ride isn’t free.
There’s more to Fremont Street than the lights and sounds, fabulous though they are. The shops stay open late and you can spend some time souvenir hunting or even having your photo taken with a Hollywood celebrity. Well, maybe not a real one, just a lookalike, although in Las Vegas, who knows?

Obviously, the best time to visit the Fremont Street Experience is in the evening, so it’ll mean a late night for the kids, but that all adds to the fun and excitement of being on holiday.

Clowning Around at the Circus Circus Hotel

Everyone loves a circus, especially when it’s free. The world’s largest permanent circus performs daily in the Carnival Midway at this larger than life family-friendly Las Vegas hotel.

Thrill to dazzling displays of dexterity by world-class trapeze artists, jugglers, acrobats and clowns, and marvel at the fact that you are getting the opportunity to watch this extravaganza free of charge. The shows take place daily from 11 am and they are very popular so be prepared to tear yourself away from whatever else you’re doing to be in line for a good view.

The circus stage is surrounded by an old-fashioned fun fair where you can indulge in a bit of nostalgia and win a teddy bear while you’re waiting for the next performance.

Streetmosphere At The Venetian Hotel

The Venetian Hotel succeeds in bringing a slice of Italy to the desert with its replica of St Mark’s Square and the evocative Grand Canal Shopping Mall complete with waterways and gondoliers.

A streetmosphere performance takes place at various times throughout the day when the mall comes alive with opera singers, stilt-walkers and dancers, all decked out in Italian costumes from the days of the Renaissance. The performers take the time to interact with their audience and, to help the memories stay with you, are available for photographs after the show.

In the mall is a superb mix of shops where you can search for a special souvenir or browse the many designer boutiques. For a real “Italian” experience take a ride in a gondola along the canal. See if you can spot the mini Rialto Bridge as you glide through the water. Please note that there is a charge for gondola rides although entrance to the mall is free.

The above suggestions for free family entertainment in Las Vegas are just the tip of the iceberg. There is enormous competition among the hotels and entertainment providers in the city and they spend a lot of money just trying to grab your attention. As you will find out, many of the free shows have top class performers and are the equal of entertainment you would willingly pay for elsewhere. Holidays, especially if you have children with you, can make a sizeable dent in your wallet so it’s comforting to realize that in Las Vegas you can have some fun for free.

As well as the free entertainment that abounds in Vegas, there is also, of course, a huge selection of shows that are not free. Well, Las Vegas is the "Entertainmnent Capital of the World" is it not?

Stars of the caliber of Celine Dion, Elton John, Tim McGraw and many others will be taking center stage in Sin City this summer. The youngsters might find the concerts a bit boring so Vegas has organized some fabulous shows just for the family. There's the ever popular Cirque Du Soleil and there are variety type extravaganzas featuring magicians and comedy. Something for everyone in fact.

Take a look at what Las Vegas has to offer by clicking on the picture below. And have a wonderful time!


Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Rolling Stones - Still Rolling Along

The Rolling Stones, or just “The Stones”, hardly need any introduction for most people. After bursting onto the British pop scene in 1962 they have gone on to become one of the major icons of the popular music industry.

The group’s career over the years has been somewhat stormy, with three of the leading members facing drugs charges in the late 60s. Add to that their anti-establishment attitude and it is hardly surprising that they commanded a huge following of devoted fans given the general dissatisfaction of the youth of the time with all things official.

Musically the Stones were always in competition with arch rivals for domination of the music charts, the Beatles. Young people in the 1960s and 1970s tended to be either Beatles or Stones fans – you were never a fan of both!

Today the band has mellowed a little in their behavior but their music is still as commercially successful as ever with young and old fans eagerly awaiting their next album or concert tour.

They are about to begin their first concert tour for 5 years, kicking off in Anaheim, Ca on May 18, and visiting major cities throughout the USA, Canada, and then finishing off in the city where it all started for them, London.

If you are interested in seeing the Stones in concert then you would be well advised to buy your tickets now as their shows are usually sell outs. They don't tour much these days so you might have to wait a long time before you get another chance to see them if you miss this tour. Follow the link below to get your Stones tickets now.
Buy Rolling Stones Tickets

London, the World’s Capital of Art, Culture and Imagination

London Bridge
London can easily lay claim to being the capital of the world when it comes to art, culture and imagination. Its hundreds of galleries and museums, most of them with free entry, offer a fascinating glimpse into every conceivable facet of the traditions and cultures that have shaped the world. The city does not rest on its laurels, however. Today’s London is a blend of the old and the new as world famous buildings such as the Tower of London and St Paul’s Cathedral rub shoulders with new structures that stretch the imagination. The London Eye and the Gherkin, London’s sixth tallest building, are two examples of this state of constant change that maintains London’s role as a world leader in the realms of art and culture.  Let us take a closer look at what London can offer its visitors.


The National Gallery
London’s art galleries rank among the finest in the world. The National Gallery, for example, has an impressive collection that spans eight centuries and includes works by most of the recognized old masters. Next door to the National is the National Portrait Gallery, famous for its portraits of famous sons and daughters of Britain. Many of these figures from the past have contributed to the very culture and traditions for which London is famed. The Portrait Gallery is unusual in that its collection is chosen not for the artist’s fame or skill but because of the national importance of the subject. Take the Brontë sisters’ portraits as an example. They are the work of their brother, a comparatively unknown painter.

Modern art is by no means ignored by the London galleries. One of the most prominent is the Tate Modern. Here visitors can view some of the finest works by artists who broke away from the traditional and paved the way for new ways of expressing their art. Works include paintings by Cézanne, Picasso, Pollock and Warhol to name just a few.


The culture of a city can be expressed in several ways. It may be through the performing arts such as drama and music, or by way of its architecture, historic and modern. London is famous for its West End, for instance, where an abundance of theaters offer nightly performances of plays, musicals and concerts. The West End is also home to hundreds of restaurants, clubs and shops, all of them contributing to the atmosphere that is unique to the city.

Then there are London’s museums. There are dozens of museums dotted around the streets of London some of which specialize in showing exhibits of a particular subject or era, whilst others, such as the huge British Museum, are more general in nature. What’s more, the visitor will find that most of the museums in London have free entry.

Where London is probably without parallel, however, is in its setting for a variety of unmistakably British events such as the Trooping of the Colour and the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. These age-old traditional occasions draw millions of visitors to the capital each year.


The London Eye
Although London has some iconic historic architecture that is the envy of many major cities of the world, several new structures are redefining the London skyline. Attractions such as The Emirates Cable Car and the London Eye Observation Wheel are on the list of things to see in London for the modern tourist.

The Emirates Cable Car unites North and South London with as modern a bridge as can be imagined. In just five minutes, travelers can be whisked across the Thames in a Swiss Alps type of cable car, enjoying magnificent views of the city as they go. The car connects the Greenwich Peninsula with the Royal docks.

If birds-eye views are your thing then you can’t do better than to see the sights of London from the London Eye Observation Wheel. This iconic structure stands some 135 meters (443 feet) from the ground and offers breathtaking views of some of the most famous of London’s landmarks.

Not to be outclassed, the world of art and culture also has its modern side with relatively recent exhibition centers providing a showcase for new talent in the artistic world. Most notable among these is the South Bank Center that has a constantly changing program ranging from jazz to Purcell or from modernism to displays of concrete structures.

This all too brief look at London’s role as the capital of the world as far as art and culture are concerned shows that the city is not resting on its laurels. It has a past that is as eventful and varied as any other major capital city and this is “on show” in its museums and art galleries. It also moves with the times with the proof of this is easily seen in the imaginative and somewhat daring new architecture and exhibition centers.